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Quarantine will make events sincere!

Nobody knows whether it will be possible in the summer of 2020 to celebrate a wedding with a wide circle of friends and relatives, BUT this is not a reason to cancel or postpone your celebration.

If you want to become a family this summer, then the most optimal format in these circumstances is a wedding for two. Such weddings are gaining popularity more and more every year, and newlyweds increasingly want to spend this day alone with each other and the photographer.

Choosing a wedding photo with me, you can be sure that the pictures will be sensual, lively, sincere, and you will be beautiful and real on them. You can verify this by looking at my portfolio and reading the reviews.

If, due to circumstances beyond our control, your wedding cannot take place on the scheduled day (in the case of prolongation of the quarantine), then you will not lose anything — I will conduct a wedding survey with all the original conditions on the day that your wedding is rescheduled.

From my side I guarantee to observe safety measures: distance, face shield, gloves. And I guarantee that these measures will not affect the quality and variety of photographs.

Tips for planning your wedding in 2020

  1. Use forced «non-working days» for a detailed planning of the wedding.
  2. Wedding dress and costume can be ordered in online stores. Some salons provide the opportunity to deliver dresses/suits by courier for trying on at home.
  3. Wedding rings can also be selected and ordered in online stores.
  4. Many stores when ordering make free delivery by courier to your home. It’s better to choose store options from your city so you don’t worry about mail delivery.
  5. Decide on the photographer. Please note whether the photographer guarantees that in case of a forced transfer of the wedding (in case of prolongation of the quarantine) you will not lose money and the shooting conditions will remain unchanged.
  6. Discuss in advance with the photographer the route and locations for photo shooting. I always think over and offer newlyweds several options to choose from, based on the personal wishes and interests of the couple.
  7. If you will celebrate in a restaurant — make sure that the contract contains flexible conditions with the possibility of postponing the date in case of prolongation of quarantine and that they suit you.
  8. Cheer up! You are waiting for one of the most touching holidays!

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